Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023
6 Ways The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Protects Workers

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of the United States of 1996 was brought about to protect the health insurance of the employees, workers, employers and their families. The act helped organize the health insurance sector in the United States, taking care of the health insurance of workers and employees and their families, giving the owner of the insurance greater control over his or her personal information and health details and preventing the misuse of information. The act has been framed to benefit individuals and their families in many different ways. Read on to see how the act will benefit you and your family.• HIPAA helps with coverage for preexisting medical conditions: Before HIPAA came into existence, most employers would provide health benefits to the new employees but would not extend the health benefits in case of certain preexisting medical conditions, or medical conditions which were detected or were being treated before the joining at the new workplace. HIPAA limits this power of the employers by defining a 6 month period prior to joining the new organization for a preexisting condition. The act allows the individual to look back 6 months and include certain medical conditions during that period as well. However, this is entirely up to the employer.• HIPAA helps employees and their families enroll for health insurance in case of life events like marriage or children: Most employers and establishments provide insurance coverage to their employees and their families. The families of those who are covered are also entitled to the group health plan. HIPAA eases the inclusion of new members like spouses and children and other dependents into the group health plan.• HIPAA protects the health insurances of the employees even during loss of jobs or change of jobs: One of the features of HIPAA is the protection of the health cover the employee gets. Their health insurance can be protected even during events like loss of job or change of job. The act makes it easy for the employees to switch jobs, without having to worry about losing health insurance.• HIPAA helps maintain uniformity amongst all the employees in terms of insurance and premiums: Under group health plans for establishment, there is a uniformity maintained amongst all the employees and their employers. HIPAA advocates that the insurance packages and the premiums must be uniform and fair to all the members of the participating organization. Discrimination on the basis of health, status or other related factors is not permitted.• HIPAA ensures insurance to both small and large establishments: HIPAA guarantees availability and renewability of health insurance to all organizations and establishments, big or small.• HIPAA lets you be the owner of your own information: HIPAA allows each individual to access and control their own records. They have the power to control their own medical and personal information. Data theft is a very serious offense under the act.The HIPAA act has benefitted many since its inception in 1996. It is recommended that all employers of all organizations get a group health insurance and benefit all.