Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023
Adjuster Continuing Education Courses

Both insurance and public adjusters have to complete a specified number of continuing education courses every 1-2 years depending on their state requirements. Many choose to do their adjuster continuing education online simply because it is more convenient than sitting in a classroom. Education is required in many professions and it is meant to keep the agent up to date on any new laws, products, and industry trends. Adjusters have a lot of responsibility. They are indirectly responsible for millions of dollars per year. If they are not knowledgeable in their field they can cost their insurance company a lot of money. They are responsible for negotiating claims and doing research when an individual or a corporation files an insurance claim. They have to assess the damage and decide if, and what amount the insurance company should pay. They also have to make sure the claimant is not trying to commit insurance fraud.Some states require specific continuing education courses every 1-2 years. The most popular are adjuster ethics and adjuster law. Many states require at least three credits of each every compliance period. If you have any questions about your compliance deadline or which courses you need to take make sure to contact an approved provider. As long as the school is approved in your state they will be able to look up your records online and let you know when your compliance deadline is. They can also assist you in choosing classes and let you know exactly how many credit hours you need. This is very important for any successful adjuster.Adjuster continuing education courses benefit the adjuster, the insurance company, and the claimant. The adjuster benefits because they know they have taken the most up to date classes in their field of study. They have the knowledge they need to perform their job function correctly. They also do not receive any fines from the state or have their license revoked. The insurance company is confident their agents are doing the right thing and making the best decisions. Remember, the adjusters are representing the insurance companies. And finally, the claimant knows the adjuster is knowledgeable and will make the best decisions regarding their claim. If the adjuster didn’t have any educational training and they received their license 20 years ago they would be behind the times and probably not make the most ethical decisions. With continuing education requirements in place the client can rest assure their claim is in good hands.