Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023
Time to Plan

We’ve compiled a list that compares the top Medicare Supplement plans. Before you compare the carriers and their prices below, it’s important to understand what factors determine the price.

Your age, location and gender play a significant role when it comes to getting an accurate quote. The charts below are general price comparisons, you could be quoted more or less based off your personal information.

Not all providers offer all 10 letter plans. Some letter plans will have multiple providers to choose from. Other letter plans may only have a few providers to choose from. Providers offer certain letter plans in specific states.

It’s also important to note that dental coverage is not included with these plans. There’s not coverage for routine dental care of invisible aligners.

Compare Top Medicare Supplement Plans in Pinellas County Florida

All plans are standardized, meaning the benefits are the same regardless of what carrier you choose to go with. The only difference is the premium prices. A carrier can choose between three Medigap pricing methods.

  1. Community Rated
  2. Issue Age Rated
  3. Attained Age Rated

Knowing what method a carrier uses to rate your policy premium is important when choosing a Medigap plan.

Certain pricing methods are based off the age you are when you purchased the policy. Other pricing methods do not use your age to determine your premium.

Medigap Plan F, sometimes referred to as Medicare Part F, is one of the most popular plans.

You can read more about Medicare Part F cost and benefits here.

Out of all 10 letter plans, Plan F is considered to be the all in one coverage option.

If you don’t want to worry about your medical costs, then this plan is the option for you if you can afford to pay a little extra.

There’s also a high deductible Plan F that may be the more affordable option for you.

This is because the deductible is higher.

If you choose this option, you must pay for your medical costs up to the full deductible amount before your coverage kicks in.