Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023

The cost of healthcare has increased substantially over the last few years. This has been especially evident since the COVID-19 pandemic. This increase in the cost of medical facilities could make it inaccessible for many due to financial constraints. This is where health insurance plans come handy. However, they only cover hospitalisation and medical procedure expenses. Expenses such as consultation fees are excluded from these plans.

Having to pay out of pocket for every visit to the doctor even for something as small as a cough or cold could be expensive for many. Many insurers have started to include OPD expenses in their plans or offer it in the form of an add-on. If you are looking to invest in a good medical insurance that offers OPD coverage, here are some of the things you should look for –  *

  • Can be availed at network hospitals

Most people tend to visit their local doctors for a quick consultation or for a follow-up. At such places, consultation fees can increase substantially, making your visit more costly. Also, depending on the purpose of your visit, the doctor could charge you more for any test or in-house medication. However, if you visit the OPD of any of the network hospitals of your insurer, your health plan will cover the cost of the consultation, medicines and medical tests, if any. *

  • Ample financial coverage is provided

Different doctors charge different fees. This also varies on their seniority, as senior and experienced doctors tend to charge more. This means even for a simple consultation visit you could end up with hefty fees. Not to mention, the cost of tests that could be required. Health insurance plans that offer OPD coverage provide enough financial coverage to cover the OPD expenses. *

  • 24X7 OPD facility is provided

We could fall sick anytime without any prior intimation. From a small headache to food poisoning, it is never easy to predict when a medical emergency could strike. It can be problematic if such a problem happens during the odd hours of the day, when it is difficult to access proper health facilities near your house. Look for network hospitals of your insurer that provide 24X7 OPD facilities. This will ensure that you and your loved one get the proper medical attention they deserve. Especially when the OPD expense will be covered by the plan. *

  • Claim process is quick and simple

The cost of your hospitalisation is covered by the insurer after you file a claim. Similarly, the cost of your OPD visit will be covered by your insurer when you file a claim. Many insurers now provide the facility of filing a claim through their mobile apps. This saves time that is otherwise spent in filling up paperwork.

If you are searching for good health insurance plans for family, be sure to check the things related to the OPD coverage. You can get a quote for the plan you are looking for by using a health insurance premium calculator.

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