Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023
How to Find Affordable Life Insurance If You Are a Smoker

A smoker pays more for insurance than a non-smoker. This is due to the number of dangerous diseases and illnesses that are caused or related to nicotine. Although not always the rule, a smoker is expected to have health problems and live a shorter life. Since any insurance agency wants their clients to live as long as possible, smoking is considered a risk category.What is a smoker? Every insurance application has a question that sounds something like this: “Have you used any tobacco products in the past 12 months?” By “tobacco products” they mean cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, even nicotine patches and gum. If your answer is yes, you will be considered a smoker. It is also true that some companies differentiate between the pack-a-day smoker and the occasional puffer.”What if I have quit 6 months ago?” Since you didn’t use tobacco for 6 months and not for twelve, you can still be in the same risk category. It is usually best to not smoke another 6 months and then apply for a policy. If you need coverage fats, you will be able to ask for a reevaluation later.How much does smoking cost? The short answer is: a lot. It is a little unfair how much a smoker has to pay, for insurance, but insurance agencies want to make sure they make a profit, and since you need coverage even if you smoke, you have no choice. A simple comparison will show us that tobacco users pay two or even three times more for a policy.A 30 years old male pays an average of $250 for a 30 years old term policy with coverage of $200,000.For the same policy, a 30 years old male smoker has to pay premiums of $700.What to do? If you can’t give up your love for cigarettes, your only chance is to search and compare a lot of quotes. A little piece of good news is that there are some agencies that don’t differentiate between smokers and non-smokers and as long as you are healthy you can get good rates.Comparing quotes may take you a lot of time, but it is time well-spent as you can save a lot of money on insurance. An insurance broker or financial adviser can help you find and decide on a good policy.All in all, life insurance for smokers is a lot more expensive, but if you compare enough quotes from different agencies you can find good rates!