Wed. Jun 7th, 2023
How to Find Affordable Long Term Care Insurance In Nevada

If you become sick or disabled, who is going to choose what kind of care you receive and where you receive it? Ultimately that’s what the question of finding affordable long term care insurance in Nevada boils down to.Many people believe that once they hit 65, Medicare or Nevada’s Medicaid program will pay for their long term heath care should they become sick or disabled. Unfortunately those people are wrong.Medicare pays virtually nothing for long term health care, and while Nevada’s Medicaid program has provisions for paying for some forms of long term care, what is covered and what is not covered can be difficult, at best, to work out and even if you are covered the choice of what kind of care you will receive and the facility in which you will receive it is entirely taken out of your hands and placed in the hands of a state bureaucrat.Many people are not happy with that “choice.”You have two alternatives. Never get sick or disabled – or purchase your own long term health insurance with benefits you understand and which allows you to choose your own care before the need arises.Unfortunately it is impossible to guarantee that we will never become sick or disabled. In fact, according to U.S. Census statistics, approximately one half of all Nevada residents who live past age 65 will need long term care before they die.The answer, therefore, is to purchase long term health care insurance. The problem, as with most insurance, is how to afford it. That is why we need to find affordable long term care insurance here in Nevada.If you are 40 years old or older and do not already have long term health care, now is the time to get it. With each birthday that passes your premiums for long term health care get higher and higher.Next, get on line and compare long term health care policies and rates on one of the many sites that allow comparisons between companies. The same policy for the same person can vary greatly in price, depending on which company issues the policy.These sites will also allow you to play with various terms for policies, such as lifetime caps on policy payouts, whether policies pay for round-the-clock nursing care or only pay for in-home care, what the Elimination Period, or deductible is, and many other options, each of which affects the monthly premium for the policy.Making direct comparisons in this way is the only way of finding truly affordable long term health care in Nevada.