Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023
Accountability in Medical Billing

Tomorrow I am meeting with another provider who has been wrangled into a medical billing arrangement that is good only for his medical billing company and not good for him. Seems they convinced him to pay a per claim fee for them to process claims. That is all they do, process claims-nothing more. His staff has to enter all of the patient data, key in all of the charges, key in all of the payments, answer all of the questions regarding the claim, keep up with all of the codes for procedures and diagnosis, send out the patient statements, pay the postage and they are not nor have they been trained for the task.Meanwhile, claims are going unpaid. They do not know how to properly follow them and the company they pay to process the claims does not seem to see the problem; you see they just process the claim. If it does not get paid it is no skin off their teeth because when the provider sends the claim out again, they get to charge for processing the claim again. What a racket!He and his staff are ecstatic about starting with a company that has accountability built into the system. We are solely based on performance. If the provider does not get paid, we do not get paid. My staff is diligent. They ensure the claims are paid. All the provider has to do is see the patient. His front office collects the information we need by giving the patient a form to fill out and we supply the form. All they have to do is verify the coverage and we train them to do that. We provide a high speed dual side scanner to scan the paperwork and email it to us using our secure network. Within 24 hours the claim is out the door and if for any reason it is not paid we find out why and what can be done to get it paid. We also send out the patient statements all included in one basic rate. We complete all provider credentialing. We provider access from their site to the database from any and all machines in their office and encourage them to do all of their appointments in the appointment scheduler. All covered-no hidden fees, no extra charges and no more wondering how and when they will get paid.