Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023
How to Purchase the Right EMR Software For Your Practice?

Implementing Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software in your medical office is one of the most beneficial things for your practice’s success. The right EMR software can help you REDUCE your staff number, expenses, medical errors and documentation time. However, buying the wrong EMR system can shape into a complete catastrophe.Owing to the technical nature of the emr systems, it is difficult for an average consumer to comprehend the inner workings of software, not to mention its potential pitfalls. Having more than 300 EHR/EMR software vendors, currently hunting for prospects, makes your search for the right emr software even more difficult and a daunting task. However, please remember that all medical softwares are not created equally. All practice management products may look identical in the first instance but, each has its individual functionality and integration.EMR Systems Price levelsLevel 1: Boxed systems for small (1-2) provider offices that generally run below $3,000.Level 2: More customized systems for medium to large sized offices. These emr programs often require on-site installation and training because they need to be customized for each application. Prices usually run from $5,000 to $35,000, depending on the number of providers.Remember: The cost of hardware, installation and training is NOT included with most emr software quotes.Implementing successful EMR program…As a dedicated medical practitioner, it is essential for you to investigate the medical software system and its company in greater depth. Doing so will help judging the emr system’s ease of operation, flexibility and vendor/s willingness to make customizations for you.Many medical practices purchase EMR software assuming that it will automatically provide all the benefits that were promised to them. For successful EMR implementation, it is important for the buyer to understand whether the medical practice management system:– Does what it is expected to do.- Is easy to use and understand.- Offers good approachable support providing regular updates.Taking informed decisions before buying EMR system…But, even before contacting any EMR software vendor, it is important to identify and analyse the problems plaguing your medical office. For this, you should exercise the following:-1. Set Goals:Exactly what do you wish to achieve with EMR implementation in your office. Are you looking to improve organization’s productivity, eliminate paperwork, increase efficiency, reduce staff, improve your billing, deliver a higher quality of service to your patient’s or simply just have an efficient electronic medical billing system? Also, what can you save by accomplishing these goals?2. Perform a cost-benefit analysis:Since every medical office works differently and have different inefficiencies, it is important to evaluate your expected Return on Investment (ROI). You must draw an estimate of budget you will be able to invest in your EMR software (not including hardware, implementation time and training). The cost of electronic health record softwares can range between $1000 and $45,000.3. Seek unbiased sources of information:Not all information found on the web is reliable as internet offers unbiased information on medical software industry. It would be wise to consult an IT Company or EMR expert to guide you through the process of selecting the right medical software vendor and emr/ehr product. Research your colleagues on what they are using and if they are happy with it. Most medical software companies have fairly informative websites and some even have online demonstrations.4. Be realistic:Laying more emphasis on technology equals increasing your dependency on the same. As a practitioner, all you need to know is how to use this new medical software and not fix its problems. It is best to put an IT consultant or EMR specialist in charge of this area and ensure they are proactively available whenever something goes wrong.5. Handling staff resistance:When purchasing anything high tech for your office, keep in mind the computer skills of your staff members. Job insecurity can be another reason for your employees to exhibit some level of resistance towards the adoption of new technologies. Educate them about the emr system including the advantages and exciting opportunities that will come along. Providing adequate staff training on the emr program will build their confidence and eliminate the threat of losing their employment with you.6. Robust hardware to improve your EMR functionality:It is imperative to leverage the right hardware base to meet your office needs and improve user experience. Involve the right IT Company from the beginning to ensure a hassle-free implementation of your emr software.In correlation to all said above, you may find all your interests met by Houston Medical The EMR Software Company delivers customized yet integrated medical software solutions to your practice type – be it Physiotherapy or Podiatry or any other general practice or specialty.To find more about this medical software vendor and its specialized emr program, please visit and also, get FREE emr software quotes