Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023
AKC Pet Insurance - A Name You Can Trust

AKC pet insurance is one of the oldest and most experienced pet insurance providers in the United States. The American Kennel Club has been around since the 1880’s. Their partner in providing pet insurance is PetPartners Inc which has over 20 years of experience providing quality pet insurance. The AKC knows dogs, and has policies for all dogs, not just purebreds. They can also insure your cat. There are a host of advantages taking out an insurance policy with AKC and PetPartners.The biggest advantage to AKC pet insurance is that any licensed vet in the United States is covered under the plan. This means you will not have to change vets to get the policy you want. AKC also will cover you for a visit to a licensed vet in Canada if you happen to be on a visit there and need medical attention. AKC insurance gives you a choice of 5 different policy levels from simple coverage for accidental injuries to a wellness plan that includes preventive care. All AKC approved treatments are based on your veterinarian’s recommendations not a pre-set policy dollar limit. This way you can be assured that your pet will get the very best of care every time.AKC pet insurance strives to be flexible. You can choose between monthly and annual premiums. Their easy claims filing process is backed up by individual claims evaluation – there are no complicated benefit schedules or procedure maximums. Each and every claim will be evaluated on its own by professional insurance adjustors working in concert with qualified veterinary technicians. If you have any questions about your policy or the claims process AKC employs a friendly, helpful staff – all pet lovers – who are available by phone and email even on evenings and Saturdays.In the end run you need an insurance policy that will provide the cover you need when you need it, that will stay with you through the life of your animal and that will understand and respect the place your animals holds in your life. Medical costs for your beloved family pet can impact your finances just as strongly as any other family health care costs. Preparing for that with an effective and reasonably priced insurance policy will help ensure that your pet’s health care costs don’t get the best of you. AKC pet insurance generally processes all claims within 15 days, making payment direct to you. Flexibility, respect, and reliability – all reasons you can trust AKC.