Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023
Finding the Best Pet Insurance Company - Two Categories to Consider

Finding the best pet insurance company to insure your beloved family pet can be a challenge. Similar to the process of buying a new car, it can seem like there is a bewildering array of choices. Do you want full coverage, or simply accident and critical care? Do you need a low deductible or lower monthly payments? Do you need medical coverage for the dog, or renter’s insurance to cover your apartment in case of damage? Will you need a kennel care provision? Do you want extra coverage to protect the investment in a pedigree pet? The questions are seemingly endless. A good way to approach the insurance shopping is to divide the task into separate, but related categories.Category 1 is where you determine your pet’s medical history, breed related dispositions, lifestyle and the location he spends most of his time. Be honest about these assessments, if a pet insurance company determines that you have lied on an application they are not obligated to cover the pet. For example, if you declare that your cat is an indoor cat and he gets injured going through the cat flap to the back yard (where he spends most of his days) the insurance company is not obligated to pay any portion of the vet bill to stitch Fluffy up. As in all other aspects of life, honesty is the best policy.Category 2 is where you investigate the various offerings of the pet insurance companies. Here you are attempting to match the policy that best meets your needs with you animal’s medical history and lifestyle. What you want in any case is the best possible policy that your money can buy. This task is easier than it sounds. A reputable pet insurance company will clearly list all exclusions, pay out limits and deductibles on their policy information. If you cannot access this information, move on. There are so many companies to choose from that it makes no sense to waste time with a company that doesn’t make basic information available to you.When you are shopping for a new car you look past the cosmetic, (color, accessories and so on) and check out the engine and drive train first. You should take the same approach when you are looking for a pet insurance company. Ignore the cute pictures of puppies and kitties on the literature. Look past the confidence-inspiring names for the policies and examine the nitty-gritty of the policy’s coverage.